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These song arrangements for the ukulele are provided by Doctor Uke for his students and/or patients. They are to be used for educational and/or medicinal purposes only.

VIDEOS OF DR. UKE AND DAUGHTERS from various venues in NYC


Dr. Uke sings along with songs marked with an s. Songs marked with an * are suitable for beginners. Also, check out BEGINNERS.

BARITONE UKE PLAYERS: Click on BAR for the baritone uke arrangement in the same key (tuning DGBE).

SPECIAL FEATURES - For players who lead singalongs for organizations, parties, families and/or friends, I have two special features:

By playing MEDLEYS, you can group songs together according to key, tempo, theme, etc., thereby lengthening them, and making singalongs flow more smoothly.
Download LYRICS for songsheets. This is a Word document. Cut and paste, add or subtract verses, and assemble songsheets of many of the songs on this site. You can then e-mail them so that copies can be made for your audiences.

NEW FEATURE!! "SONG CATEGORIES"-this is a work in progress. I will be adding song categories, which will make it easier for you to find particular song genres. SWEET!
How to SEARCH this page for a particular song:

ON A PC-Control F-enter title (or word) into box.
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ON AN IPAD-touch the time (on top), and enter title (or word) into box. Then find "On this page"

New Songs added in August, September, October

  1. Tuning G 4th String
  2. Tuning C 3rd String
  3. Tuning E 2nd String
  4. Tuning A 1st String
  5. 26 Miles (Santa Catalina) s   BAR
  6. Aba Daba Honeymoon s   BAR 62
  7. Abi Gezunt (Yiddish for "So Long as You're Healthy") s   BAR
  8. Accentuate the Positive s   BAR 26, 118
  9. Addams Family Theme s   BAR
  10. After the Ball s   BAR-added 5/28/14
  11. After You Get What You Want (You Don't Want It) s   BAR-added 2/15/14
  12. After You've Gone s   BAR 71
  13. Ain't Misbehavin' s   BAR 73, 109
  14. Ain't She Sweet s   BAR 6, 160
  15. Ain't That a Kick In the Head s   BAR 132
  16. Ain't We Got Fun? s   BAR 1, 39
  17. The Air That I Breathe s   BAR
  18. Albuquerque * s   BAR
  19. Alexander's Ragtime Band s   BAR
  20. Alfie s   BAR
  21. All By Myself s   BAR
  22. All I Do Is Dream of You s   BAR 55, 79, 122
  23. All I Have To Do Is Dream s   BAR
  24. All I Need Is the Girl s   BAR
  25. All My Life's a Circle s   BAR
  26. All My Loving s   BAR 70
  27. All My Trials s   BAR
  28. All Of Me Bb s   BAR 64, 80
  29. All Of Me C s   BAR
  30. All Of You-C s   BAR
  31. All Of You-D s   BAR
  32. All Shook Up s   BAR 34, 58, 69
  33. All the Things You Are s   BAR 128
  34. All the Way s   BAR
  35. All Through the Night s   BAR
  36. Almost Like Being In Love s   BAR 139
  37. Alone Together s   BAR
  38. Always s   BAR 89
  39. Always and Forever s   BAR
  40. Amazing Grace * s   BAR
  41. Amazing Grace II s   BAR
  42. America the Beautiful C
  43. America The Beautiful G s   BAR
  44. Amie (Pure Prairie League) s   BAR
  45. And I Love Her s   BAR
  46. And I Love Her-key change s   BAR
  47. Angel Eyes s
  48. Annie's Song s   BAR-added 10/7/14
  49. Anniversary Song s   BAR
  50. Another Saturday Night s   BAR-added 5/12/14
  51. Answer Me, My Love s   BAR
  52. Anything Goes s   BAR 130
  53. Anytime D s 36
  54. Anytime C s   BAR 9, 78
  55. April In Paris-A s   BAR-added 5/21/14
  56. April In Paris-C s   BAR-added 5/21/14
  57. April Showers s   BAR 35
  58. Are You Lonesome Tonight s   BAR 48, 60
  59. Around the World s   BAR 81
  60. Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)-Bill Fischer on sax s   BAR-added 10/12/14
  61. As Tears Go By s   BAR
  62. As Time Goes By s   BAR
  63. At Last s   BAR-added 2/26/14
  64. At Sundown s   BAR
  65. Auld Lang Syne * s   BAR
  66. Autumn Leaves s
  67. Autumn Leaves s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline, avec les mots français
  68. Avalon s   BAR
  69. A Yiddishe Mame s   BAR
  70. Baby Face s   BAR 3, 129, 159
  71. Baby, You've Got What It Takes s   BAR-added 4/20/14
  72. Back Home Again s   BAR
  73. Back Home Again In Indiana s   BAR-added 2/21/14
  74. Ballad of Davy Crockett * s   BAR
  75. Ballad of Davy Crockett-with key change * s   BAR
  76. Battle of New Orleans s   BAR
  77. Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn s   BAR 68
  78. Beatles Medley 1
  79. Beatles Medley 2
  80. Beautiful Dreamer s   BAR-added 6/23/14
  81. Beautiful Ohio s   BAR
  82. Beautiful That Way s   BAR
  83. Because-Dave Clark Five s   BAR
  84. Because of You s   BAR-added 6/27/14
  85. Because of You-C s   BAR-added 6/27/14
  86. Beethoven's Fifth   BAR
  87. Begin the Beguine s   BAR
  88. Be My Life's Companion s   BAR-added 7/2/14
  89. Besame Mucho s   BAR-added 9/15/14
  90. Best of My Love s   BAR
  91. Best of Times Is Now s   BAR
  92. The Best That You Can Do (Arthur's Theme) -Bill Fischer on sax s   BAR-added 10/12/14
  93. The Best Things in Life Are Free C 15, 24
  94. The Best Things in Life Are Free G s   BAR
  95. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea s   BAR
  96. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered s   BAR
  97. Beyond the Sea s
  98. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home s   BAR 67, 159
  99. Bird Dog s   BAR
  100. Birds and the Bees s   BAR
  101. Birth of the Blues s   BAR 109
  102. Blame It On the Bossa Nova s   BAR
  103. Blame It On the Bossa Nova-C   BAR
  104. Blowin' In the Wind-C s
  105. Blueberry Hill s   BAR 170
  106. Blueberry Hill Medley s   BAR
  107. Blue Christmas s   BAR 11
  108. Blue Moon s   BAR
  109. Blue Moon-D   BAR 97
  110. Blue On Blue s   BAR-added 5/26/14
  111. Blue On Blue-with key change s   BAR-added 5/26/14
  112. Bluesette s   BAR
  113. Blue Skies s   BAR-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  114. Blue Suede Shoes s   BAR
  115. Body and Soul s   BAR
  116. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do s   BAR 23, 97
  117. Bring Back My Neighbors to Me * s   BAR 13
  118. Bring Me Sunshine s   BAR
  119. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime s   BAR
  120. Buffalo Gals * s   BAR
  121. Burping Bubbles * s   BAR
  122. Bushel and a Peck s   BAR 66
  123. But Not For Me s   BAR
  124. Button Up Your Overcoat s   BAR 61
  125. Bye Bye Blackbird s   BAR 6
  126. Bye Bye Blues s   BAR
  127. Bye Bye Love * s   BAR
  128. Bye Bye Love-C *   BAR
  129. Bye Bye Love-D * s   BAR
  130. By The Beautiful Sea s   BAR 3
  131. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon s   BAR 8
  132. By the Time I Get To Phoenix s   BAR-added 10/5/14
  133. Cabaret s   BAR
  134. Caissons Go Rolling Along s   BAR
  135. Caissons Go Rolling Along-C s   BAR
  136. Calendar Girl s   BAR
  137. Call Me s
  138. Call Me Irresponsible s   BAR
  139. Camptown Races * s    BAR
  140. Canadian Sunset s   BAR-added 9/8/14
  141. Candy s   BAR
  142. Can't Buy Me Love s   BAR 21, 70
  143. Can't Get Used To Losing You s   BAR
  144. Can't Help Falling In Love s   BAR
  145. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You s   BAR
  146. Carioca s
  147. Carolina In The Morning s 16, 84
  148. Carolina Moon s   BAR 60, 165
  149. The Cat Came Back s   BAR
  150. Catch a Falling Star s   BAR
  151. Cathy's Clown s   BAR
  152. A Certain Smile s   BAR
  153. C'est Magnifique s   BAR-added 9/29/14
  154. Chances Are s   BAR
  155. Change Partners s   BAR
  156. Chanukah, O Chanukah s   BAR 57
  157. Chapel of Love-C s   BAR
  158. Chapel of Love-F s   BAR
  159. Charade s   BAR
  160. Charleston s   BAR
  161. Chattanooga Choo Choo s   BAR 113
  162. Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy s   BAR 113
  163. Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy (with key change)   BAR 113
  164. Cheek to Cheek s
  165. "Cheers" Theme s   BAR 98
  166. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White s   BAR
  167. Christmas Island s   BAR
  168. Christmas Medley   BAR
  169. Christmas Medley2   BAR
  170. Christmas Medley3
  171. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) s
  172. The Christmas Song-A
  173. Christmas Time Is Here s   BAR
  174. Cielito Lindo s   BAR-added 10/1/14
  175. Circle Game s   BAR
  176. City of New Orleans s   BAR
  177. Clementine * s   BAR
  178. Clementine The Whole Story C*   BAR
  179. Clementine The Whole Story F*
  180. Close To You s   BAR
  181. Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone) * s   BAR
  182. Cockles and Mussels (Allan Sherman Parody) * s   BAR
  183. Color My World s   BAR
  184. Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean s   BAR-added 8/22/14
  185. Come Monday s   BAR
  186. Come Rain Or Come Shine s   BAR
  187. Come Saturday Morning s   BAR
  188. Comes Love s   BAR
  189. Consider Yourself s   BAR
  190. Coney Island Washboard s   BAR 104
  191. Corner of the Sky s   BAR
  192. A Cottage For Sale s   BAR
  193. Could I Have This Dance (For the Rest of My Life) s   BAR
  194. Could This Be Magic s   BAR-added 6/26/14
  195. Count Your Blessings s   BAR
  196. Crazy s   BAR
  197. Crazy Rhythm s   BAR 54, 58
  198. Crazy She Calls Me s   BAR
  199. Crocodile Rock-C s   BAR
  200. Crocodile Rock-Eb s   BAR
  201. Crooked Highway s   BAR-with Sylvie
  202. Cruising Down the River Medley s   BAR-added 10/2/14
  203. Cry s   BAR
  204. Cry Me a River s   BAR-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  205. Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow s   BAR 146
  206. Daisy Bell Medley (Bicycle Built For Two) s   BAR
  207. Dance With Who Brung You s   BAR
  208. Dancing In The Dark s   BAR
  209. Danny Boy s   BAR-added 5/9/14
  210. Danny's Song s   BAR
  211. Dark As a Dungeon s   BAR
  212. Darktown Strutters' Ball s 50
  213. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup s   BAR
  214. Daydream s   BAR-added 11/6/13 154
  215. Daydream Believer s   BAR
  216. Dayenu s   BAR
  217. Day In, Day Out s   BAR
  218. A Day In the Life of a Fool s   BAR
  219. Dedicated To You s   BAR-added 8/28/14
  220. 'Deed I Do C s 15, 24, 39
  221. 'Deed I Do G s   BAR
  222. Delilah s   BAR-with Doc "Alpert" on trumpet
  223. Der Rebe Elimeylekh s   BAR
  224. Desafinado s   BAR
  225. Desperado s   BAR-added 8/12/14
  226. Devil Or Angel/Sea of Love s   BAR
  227. Devoted To You s   BAR
  228. Diana s   BAR 37
  229. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind s   BAR 126
  230. Dindi s   BAR
  231. Dixie s   BAR
  232. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful s   BAR
  233. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful-Gm s   BAR
  234. Dona, Dona-English s   BAR
  235. Dona, Dona-Yiddish
  236. Don't Ask Me Why s   BAR
  237. Don't Be Cruel s   BAR 45
  238. Don't Blame Me s   BAR 27
  239. Don't Fence Me In s   BAR
  240. Don't Get Around Much Anymore s   BAR
  241. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying s   BAR
  242. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree s   BAR
  243. Don't Take Your Love From Me s   BAR
  244. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright s   BAR
  245. Down Among the Sheltering Palms s   BAR
  246. Down Among the Sheltering Palms-A
  247. Down At the Twist and Shout-Bill Fischer on sax s   BAR-added 10/12/14
  248. Down By the Old Mill Stream s   BAR
  249. Down By the Riverfront   BAR
  250. Down By the Riverside * s   BAR 12
  251. Down In the Boondocks s   BAR-added 4/22/14
  252. Down In the Valley * s   BAR-added 1/9/14
  253. Downtown s   BAR
  254. Do You Believe In Magic s   BAR 126
  255. Do You Want To Know a Secret s   BAR 72
  256. Dream s   BAR 90
  257. Dream a Little Dream of Me s   BAR 26
  258. A Dreamer's Holiday s   BAR
  259. Dream Lover   BAR 37
  260. Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel s   BAR
  261. Dulcinea s   BAR
  262. Early Morning Rain s   BAR-with Sylvie
  263. East of the Sun s   BAR
  264. Easy Living s   BAR-added 1/30/14
  265. Easy To Love s   BAR
  266. Eddystone Light s   BAR
  267. Edelweiss s 51, 81
  268. The Eensy Weensy Spider * s   BAR
  269. Eight Days a Week s   BAR 34, 69
  270. Eight Days a Week-D s   BAR 86
  271. The Eight Days of Chanukah * s   BAR
  272. Eleanor Rigby s
  273. Eleanor Rigby-Am s   BAR
  274. Eliahu Hanavi s   BAR
  275. Embraceable You s   BAR
  276. End of the World s   BAR
  277. Enjoy Yourself s   BAR
  278. Erie Canal s
  279. Everybody's Talkin'/I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City s   BAR-added 9/26/14
  280. Everyday s   BAR 127
  281. Every Day With You, Girl s   BAR 143
  282. Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright s   BAR-added 5/4/14
  283. Everything Must Change s   BAR
  284. Every Time We Say Goodbye s   BAR
  285. Exactly Like You s   BAR 61
  286. Falling In Love With Love-swing s   BAR
  287. Falling In Love With Love-waltz s   BAR
  288. Far Away Places s   BAR 123
  289. Farewell s   BAR
  290. Farmer's Song s   BAR
  291. Farmer's Song-G   BAR
  292. Fascinating Rhythm s   BAR 54, 64
  293. Fascination s   BAR
  294. Fifth Symphony of Beethoven   BAR
  295. Fine and Dandy s   BAR
  296. Fire and Rain s   BAR 135
  297. Five Foot Two s   BAR 2, 25, 106
  298. Five Foot Two-Multikey
  299. Five Foot Two-Practice dom7sus4
  300. Five O'clock World s   BAR
  301. Fly Me To the Moon-G s   BAR
  302. Fly Me To The Moon Bb
  303. A Foggy Day s
  304. Follow the Drinking Gourd s   BAR
  305. Fools Rush In s   BAR
  306. Fool Such As I s   BAR 93
  307. For All We Know s   BAR
  308. Forever Young s   BAR
  309. For Me and My Gal s   BAR 8
  310. For Once In My Life s   BAR
  311. For the Longest Time s   BAR
  312. Four Strong Winds s   BAR
  313. Frankfurter Sandwiches
  314. "New" Frankie and Johnny Blues s-with Sylvie
  315. French Foreign Legion s   BAR-added 10/19/14
  316. Frim Fram Sauce s   BAR
  317. From Me to You-D s   BAR
  318. From Me to You-F s   BAR
  319. Game of Love s   BAR
  320. Garden Party s   BAR
  321. Garden Song * s   BAR
  322. Get Happy s   BAR-added 1/19/14 163
  323. Getting Some Fun Out of Life s   BAR 101, 103
  324. Getting To Know You s   BAR 19, 99
  325. Gigi s   BAR
  326. Girl From Ipanema s   BAR
  327. Give My Regards To Broadway s   BAR 4
  328. The Glory of Love-C s   BAR
  329. The Glory of Love-D s   BAR 23, 76
  330. The Glory of Love-F s   BAR
  331. Go Away, Little Girl s   BAR
  332. God Bless America s   BAR
  333. God Bless the Child s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  334. God Bless the Child-Bb s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  335. Going Out of My Head s   BAR
  336. Gonna Build a Mountain s   BAR
  337. Gonna Get Along Without You Now s   BAR 158
  338. Good Day Sunshine s   BAR
  339. Good Morning s   BAR
  340. Goodnight, Irene s   BAR
  341. Goodnight, My Love s   BAR-added 5/29/14
  342. Goodnight, My Someone s   BAR-added 5/31/14
  343. Goodnight, Sweetheart-Ray Noble s   BAR 100
  344. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight s   BAR
  345. Goody Goody s   BAR 50, 55
  346. Goody Goody Medley s   BAR
  347. Gotta Get Up s   BAR
  348. Gotta Travel On s   BAR
  349. Grandfather's Clock s   BAR
  350. The Great Pretender s   BAR 162
  351. Green Dolphin Street s   BAR 87
  352. The Green Door s   BAR 46
  353. Greenfields s   BAR
  354. Greenstamps (Parody of Greensleeves) s   BAR
  355. The Guitar Man s   BAR
  356. Handy Man s   BAR
  357. Hanukkah In Santa Monica s   BAR
  358. Happy Birthday   BAR
  359. Happy Days Are Here Again s   BAR 152
  360. Happy Together s   BAR 154
  361. Happy Trails s   BAR 9
  362. A Hard Day's Night s   BAR 22, 107
  363. Hava Nagila s   BAR-added 7/26/14
  364. Haven't We Met s   BAR
  365. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas s   BAR
  366. Hawaiian War Chant C
  367. Hawaiian War Chant-F s   BAR 32, 59
  368. Hawaiian Wedding Song s   BAR
  369. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother s   BAR-added 5/11/14
  370. Heartaches s   BAR 71
  371. Heart And Soul s   BAR
  372. Heart of My Heart G s
  373. Heart of My Heart F s   BAR
  374. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) s   BAR
  375. Hello, Dolly s   BAR 17
  376. Hello, Ma Baby s   BAR
  377. Hello, Mary Lou s   BAR
  378. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh s   BAR
  379. Hello, Young Lovers s   BAR
  380. Help! s   BAR
  381. Henry the Eighth s   BAR
  382. Here Comes Santa Claus   BAR
  383. Here's That Rainy Day s   BAR 147
  384. Here, There, and Everywhere s
  385. Hernando's Hideaway s   BAR-added 9/9/14
  386. He's Got the Whole World C * s    BAR
  387. He's Got the Whole World F * s
  388. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem
  389. He Will Break Your Heart s   BAR
  390. Hey, Girl s   BAR-added 9/22/14
  391. Hey, Good Lookin' s   BAR 133
  392. Hey It's Good To Be Back Home Again s   BAR
  393. Hey There s   BAR
  394. Hey There, Lonely Girl s   BAR-added 2/19/14
  395. High Hopes-D s   BAR
  396. Hi Lili Hi Lo s   BAR
  397. Hold Me
  399. Home (When Shadows Fall) s   BAR
  400. Home In Pasadena s   BAR 106
  401. Home On the Range s   BAR
  402. Home Sweet Home s   BAR 135
  403. Honey Bun s   BAR
  404. Honeycomb s   BAR
  405. Hooked On a Feeling s   BAR
  406. Hooray For Hollywood s   BAR
  407. Hot Diggity s   BAR 41
  408. House At Pooh Corner s   BAR
  409. How About You s   BAR
  410. How Can I Be Sure s   BAR
  411. How Deep is the Ocean s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  412. How High the Moon s   BAR 128
  413. How Insensitive s   BAR
  414. How Much Is That Doggie In the Window? s   BAR
  415. How Sweet It Is s   BAR
  416. Hungry Man-D s   BAR
  417. Hymn s-Sylvie and Jacq
  418. I Call Your Name-A s   BAR 22
  419. I Call Your Name-C   BAR
  420. I Can See Clearly Now   BAR
  421. I Can See Clearly Now-D s   BAR
  422. I Can't Get Started s   BAR
  423. I Can't Give You Anything But Love s   BAR 17
  424. I Can't Help But Wonder s   BAR
  425. I Concentrate On You s   BAR
  426. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine s   BAR-added 5/3/14 172
  427. I Don't Know Why s   BAR 47
  428. I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire s   BAR 43
  429. I Don't Want To Spoil the Party s   BAR 91
  430. I Feel a Song Coming On s   BAR 152
  431. I Feel Fine s   BAR 21, 70
  432. I Found a Million Dollar Baby s   BAR
  433. I Get Along Without You Very Well s   BAR
  434. I Get Ideas s   BAR-added 8/6/14
  435. I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City/Everybody's Talkin' s   BAR-added 9/26/14
  436. I Have Dreamed s   BAR-added 7/3/14
  437. I Hear You Knockin' s   BAR-added 7/4/14 170
  438. I Just Can't Help Believin' s   BAR
  439. I Just Fall In Love Again s   BAR
  440. I Left My Heart In San Francisco s   BAR
  441. I Love a Piano s   BAR
  442. I Love My Baby, My Baby Loves Me s   BAR 105, 167
  443. I Only Have Eyes For You s   BAR
  444. I Only Want To Be With You s   BAR
  445. I Only Want To Be With You-F
  446. I Remember You s   BAR-added 4/19/14
  447. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus s   BAR 124
  448. I Shall Be Released s   BAR
  449. I Should Have Known Better s   BAR 107
  450. I Thought About You s
  451. I Walk The Line * s   BAR
  452. I Wanna Be Around s   BAR 148, 157
  453. I Wanna Be Like You s   BAR-added 9/23/14
  454. I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl..) s   BAR 67
  455. I Want to be Happy s   BAR 55
  456. I Want to be Happy-easy * s   BAR
  457. I Want To Be Happy/Get Happy s   BAR 163
  458. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You s   BAR
  459. I Whistle a Happy Tune s   BAR 94
  460. I Will s
  461. I Will-Bb s   BAR
  462. I Will Wait For You s   BAR
  463. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free s   BAR
  464. I Wish You Love s   BAR
  465. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now s   BAR 60
  466. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing * s   BAR 18
  467. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight s   BAR
  468. I'll Be Back s   BAR
  469. I'll Be Home For Christmas s   BAR
  470. I'll Be Seeing You s   BAR 153
  471. I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise s   BAR
  472. I'll Cry Instead s   BAR 91
  473. I'll Get By-A s   BAR 153
  474. I'll Get By-C   BAR
  475. I'll Have To Say I Love You In a Song s   BAR
  476. I'll Never Fall In Love Again s   BAR
  477. I'll Never Find Another You s   BAR-added 10/6/14
  478. I'll Remember April s
  479. I'll See You In My Dreams s   BAR 101
  480. I'll Take Romance s   BAR
  481. I'm a Believer C * s   BAR
  482. I'm a Believer F * s
  483. I'm a Drifter s   BAR
  484. I'm Alabamy Bound s   BAR 105
  485. I'm Alabamy Bound Medley
  486. I'm a Loser s   BAR
  487. I'm Beginning to See the Light s   BAR
  488. I'm Beginning to See the Light-Eb s   BAR
  489. I'm Confessin' That I Love You s   BAR
  490. I'm Easy s   BAR
  491. I'm Glad There Is You s   BAR 83
  492. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter s   BAR 16, 84
  493. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You s   BAR 107
  494. I'm In the Mood For Love s   BAR
  495. I'm Into Something Good s   BAR 158
  496. I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/It's a Sin To Tell a Lie s   BAR 3
  497. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World s   BAR 1
  498. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry s   BAR 114
  499. I'm Through With Love s   BAR
  500. I've Been Working on the RailRoad * s   BAR
  501. I've Got a Crush On You s   BAR
  502. I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts s   BAR
  503. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm s   BAR 92, 172
  504. I've Gotta Be Me s   BAR
  505. I've Got the World On a String s
  506. I've Got You Under My Skin s   BAR
  507. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face s   BAR
  508. I've Heard That Song Before s   BAR 80
  509. If Ever I Would Leave You s   BAR-added 9/2/14
  510. If I Could Be With You s   BAR 171
  511. If I Had a Hammer s   BAR
  512. If I Had You s   BAR
  513. If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Baked a Cake s   BAR 104
  514. If I Needed Someone s   BAR
  515. If I Only Had a Brain s   BAR
  516. If We Only Have Love s   BAR
  517. If You Go Away s   BAR-added 7/24/14
  518. If You Knew Susie s 3
  519. If You Were the Only Girl In the World-3/4 waltz s   BAR
  520. If You Were the Only Girl In the World-4/4 swing s   BAR
  521. Imagination s   BAR-added 11/12/13 156
  522. In Apple Blossom Time s   BAR 138
  523. In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town s   BAR
  524. Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) s   BAR
  525. In My Life s   BAR 88
  526. In The Good Ol' Summertime s   BAR
  527. In the Mood s   BAR 65
  528. In The Still Of The Night (The Five Satins) s   BAR 162
  529. In The Still Of The Night-Cole Porter s   BAR
  530. In Your Easter Bonnet s   BAR 35
  531. Isn't It Romantic s   BAR
  532. Isn't This a Lovely Day s   BAR 52
  533. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby-C s   BAR-added 8/24/14
  534. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby-G s   BAR-added 8/24/14
  535. It All Depends On You s   BAR-added 9/4/14
  536. It Doesn't Matter Anymore s   BAR
  537. It Had To Be You s   BAR 47, 90
  538. It Might As Well Be Spring-D s   BAR
  539. It Might As Well Be Spring G
  540. It Might As Well Be Spring F
  541. It Might As Well Rain Until September s   BAR
  542. It's All Right With Me s   BAR 151
  543. It's a Blue World s
  544. It's De-Lovely s   BAR
  545. It's a Good Day s   BAR 137, 150, 152
  546. It's a Grand Night For Singing s   BAR
  547. It's a Grand Night For Singing-D s   BAR
  548. It's All In the Game s   BAR
  549. It's a Lovely Day Today s   BAR 139
  550. It's Been a Long, Long Time s   BAR 141
  551. It's My Party s   BAR 86, 102
  552. It's Not For Me To Say s   BAR-added 6/18/14
  553. It's Not Unusual s   BAR-added 7/5/14
  554. It's Not Unusual-D s   BAR-added 7/8/14
  555. It's Only a Paper Moon-C s   BAR 5
  556. It's Only a Paper Moon-F s
  557. It's Only Love s   BAR 145
  558. It's a Sin To Tell a Lie-G s 3
  559. It's a Sin To Tell a Lie C
  560. It's Too Late s   BAR
  561. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini s   BAR 102
  562. Jamaica Farewell s   BAR-with Sylvie and Jacqueline 40
  563. Jamie s-with Sylvie and Jacq
  564. Jeepers Creepers s   BAR 94
  565. Jingle Bell Rock s   BAR 155
  566. Jingle Bells C *   BAR
  567. Jingle Bells D *   BAR
  568. Jingle Bells F *
  569. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya s   BAR
  570. Joy To The World/O Chanukah Medley * s   BAR 57
  571. Judy's Turn To Cry s   BAR-added 10/8/14
  572. Julianne s   BAR
  573. Just a Gigolo s   BAR 30
  574. Just a Little Lovin' s   BAR
  575. Just Friends s   BAR 87
  576. Just In Time s   BAR 80
  577. Just One Look s   BAR-added 6/22/14
  578. Just the Way You Are s   BAR
  579. Keep Your Sunny Side Up s   BAR
  580. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine s   BAR-added 7/30/14
  581. A Kiss To Build a Dream On s   BAR 161
  582. Knock On Wood s   BAR-added 9/30/14
  583. Lady Be Good s   BAR
  584. Lady Madonna s   BAR
  585. Lately s   BAR-added 8/31/14
  586. Laughter In the Rain s   BAR 120
  587. La Vie En Rose s   BAR
  588. La Vie En Rose-G s   BAR 131
  589. Layla, Layla (a Hebrew lullaby) s   BAR
  590. Lazy River s   BAR 27
  591. Leader of the Band s   BAR
  592. Leavin' On a Jet Plane
  593. Leroy Brown s   BAR
  594. Let It Be G
  595. Let It Be-F s   BAR 98, 135, 168
  596. Let It Be Me s   BAR
  597. Let Me Call You Sweetheart s   BAR
  598. Let My People Go s   BAR
  599. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off s   BAR
  600. Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love s   BAR
  601. Let's Fall In Love s   BAR
  602. Let's Get Away From It All s   BAR
  603. Let's Get Away From It All-Bb s   BAR
  604. Let's Misbehave s   BAR 130
  605. Let's Twist Again s   BAR 28
  606. The Letter s   BAR 34
  607. Let the Rest of the World Go By
  608. Let the Rest of the World Go By - Parody s
  609. Let There Be Peace On Earth s   BAR
  610. Let Your Love Flow s   BAR-added 10/4/14
  611. Lida Rose s   BAR
  612. Light One Candle s   BAR
  613. Linda s   BAR
  614. Little Boat-Eb s-sung by Jacqueline
  615. Little Boat-Bb s
  616. Little Things Mean a Lot s   BAR
  617. Lonely People s   BAR
  618. Long About Now s   BAR
  619. Long Tall Texan s   BAR
  620. The Look of Love s   BAR
  621. Look Over There (from "La Cage Aux Folles") s   BAR
  622. Lot of Livin' To Do s   BAR 96
  623. L.O.V.E. s   BAR 59
  624. L.O.V.E. with key change s   BAR 59
  625. Love and Marriage s   BAR 29
  626. Love Letters In The Sand s   BAR 16, 84
  627. Love Me (Elvis) s   BAR
  628. Love Me Tender s   BAR
  629. Love Me Tender-D s   BAR
  630. Love Potion #9 s   BAR
  631. A Lover's Question s   BAR
  632. Love Will Keep Us Together s   BAR-added 8/31/14
  633. Loving You Has Made Me Bananas s   BAR
  634. Lullaby In Ragtime s
  635. Lullaby of Birdland s
  636. Lullaby of Broadway s   BAR 149, 160
  637. Lullaby of the Leaves s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  638. Lyin' Eyes s   BAR
  641. Ma Cherie Amour s   BAR
  642. Mairzy Doats s   BAR 38
  643. Make Someone Happy-D s 95
  644. Make Someone Happy-Eb s
  645. Makin' Whoopee s   BAR
  646. Mama Said (There'll Be Days Like This) s   BAR 112
  647. Mam'selle s   BAR
  648. A Man and a Woman s   BAR
  649. Manhattan s   BAR 165
  650. Margaritaville   BAR
  651. Margie-C s   BAR-added 10/21/14
  652. Marvelous Toy s   BAR
  653. Marie s   BAR 25
  654. Marines' Hymn s   BAR
  655. Maxwell's Silver Hammer s   BAR
  656. McDonald's C * s   BAR 12
  657. McDonald's F * s
  658. Me and My Shadow s   BAR 52
  659. Meditation s
  660. MEDLEYS-an easy way to lengthen songs for singalongs
  661. Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis s   BAR
  662. Mele Kalikimaka s   BAR 57
  663. Melekalikimaka Medley   BAR
  664. Memories Are Made of This s   BAR
  665. Memories of You s   BAR
  666. Me, Myself, and I s   BAR 36
  667. Michael From Mountains s   BAR
  668. Midnight, the Stars and You s   BAR-added 8/25/14
  669. Mister Sandman-Bb s   BAR 33
  670. Mister Sandman-F * s   BAR
  671. Misty F
  672. Misty-C s   BAR
  673. Misty Roses s   BAR 83
  674. Mockingbird Hill s   BAR 42
  675. Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) * s   BAR
  676. Molly Malone (Allan Sherman Parody) * s   BAR
  677. Moments To Remember s   BAR
  678. Mona Lisa/Too Young s   BAR 166
  679. Moondance s   BAR
  680. Moonglow s
  681. Moonglow/S'Wonderful swith daughters Sylvie and Jacqueline
  682. Moonlight Bay s   BAR 8
  683. Moonlight Becomes You s   BAR
  684. Moonlight In Vermont s   BAR
  685. Moon River-G s   BAR
  686. Moonshadow s   BAR-added 5/25/14
  687. More s   BAR 63, 75
  688. More I Cannot Wish You s   BAR
  689. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World s   BAR
  690. M-O-T-H-E-R s   BAR
  691. Mr. Bojangles s   BAR
  692. Music, Music, Music s   BAR 25
  693. My Baby Just Cares For Me s
  694. My Blue Heaven s   BAR 18, 52
  695. My Blue Heaven Medley
  696. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean F-slow * s   BAR 13
  697. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean F s   BAR 13
  698. My Favorite Things s   BAR
  699. My Foolish Heart s-sung by my daughter Sylvie 53
  700. My Funny Valentine s   BAR
  701. My Kind of Girl s   BAR 95
  702. My Melancholy Baby s   BAR 115
  703. My One and Only Love s   BAR
  704. My Prayer s   BAR 20
  705. My Ramblin' Boy s   BAR
  706. My Romance s   BAR
  707. My Special Angel s   BAR
  708. My Wild Irish Rose s   BAR 7
  709. My World Is Empty Without You s   BAR
  710. My Yiddishe Mame s   BAR
  711. Nature Boy s-sung by Jacqueline, Sylvie on flute 85,142
  712. The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane s   BAR
  713. Nearness of You
  714. Nearness of You-Jazzy s   BAR
  715. Never Can Say Goodbye s   BAR-added 10/2/14
  716. Never Ending Love For You s   BAR 79, 122
  717. Never My Love s   BAR
  718. Never Swat a Fly s   BAR 62
  719. Nevertheless s   BAR-added 11/26/13 148, 157
  720. Nice Work If You Can Get It s   BAR
  721. Night and Day s   BAR
  722. The Night Before s   BAR
  723. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes   BAR
  724. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes-with key change s   BAR
  725. Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore s   BAR
  726. Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore-G s   BAR
  727. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out s   BAR
  728. Nobody's Sweetheart s   BAR 3, 129
  729. No More Blues (Chega De Saudade) s-sung by my daughter Jacqueline
  730. No, Not Much s   BAR
  731. No Reply s   BAR 145
  732. Norwegian Wood s   BAR
  733. Now Is the Hour s   BAR 123
  734. Now Is The Hour-F   BAR
  735. O Susanna C * s   BAR
  736. O Susanna F * s
  737. Oh, Lonesome Me s   BAR 79, 122, 133
  738. Oh, Donna s   BAR 136
  739. Oh, Donna/Tears On My Pillow Medley   BAR
  740. Oh! My Papa s   BAR
  741. Oh What a Beautiful Morning s   BAR
  742. Oh, You Beautiful Doll * s   BAR 108
  743. Old Cape Cod s   BAR
  744. Old Rocking Chair's Got Me s   BAR
  745. Old Shep s   BAR
  746. On a Clear Day s   BAR-added 6/25/14
  747. On a Slow Boat to China * s   BAR 66
  748. Once I Loved s   BAR
  749. Once In A While s   BAR
  750. Once In Love With Amy s   BAR 29
  751. Once Upon a Time s   BAR
  752. Once Upon a Time-with key change s   BAR
  753. One Fine Day   BAR
  754. One Fine Day-Eb s   BAR
  755. One Finger Melody s   BAR
  756. One For My Baby s   BAR
  757. One Note Samba-C s   BAR
  758. One Note Samba-Bb s   BAR
  759. Only Love Can Break a Heart s   BAR-added 7/18/14
  760. Only You s   BAR 20
  761. On the Road Again s   BAR 24
  762. On The Street Where You Live s   BAR
  763. On the Sunny Side of the Street s   BAR 10
  764. On the Sunny Side of the Street-A
  765. On Top Of Old Smoky s   BAR
  766. On Top of Spaghetti *
  767. Opus One s
  768. Orange Colored Sky s   BAR
  769. Orange Colored Sky-F s   BAR
  770. Our Day Will Come s   BAR 96
  771. Our Love Is Here To Stay s   BAR
  772. Our Love Is Here To Stay-C s   BAR
  773. Overjoyed s   BAR
  774. Over the Rainbow-A (with verse) s   BAR
  775. Over the Rainbow-C s   BAR
  776. Oyfn Pripetshik s   BAR-added 4/28/14
  777. Pack Up Your Sorrows s   BAR
  778. Painted, Tainted Rose s   BAR 78
  779. Paper Doll   BAR
  780. Paper Doll-D s   BAR 27
  781. Part Time Love s   BAR
  782. Peaceful Easy Feeling s   BAR
  783. Pearly Shells s   BAR 32
  784. Peggy Sue   BAR 173
  785. Peg O' My Heart s
  786. Pennies From Heaven s   BAR 10
  787. Pennies From Heaven-Eb s   BAR
  788. People Will Say We're In Love s   BAR 169
  789. Pick Yourself Up s
  790. Play a Simple Melody s   BAR
  791. Please Be Kind s   BAR-sung by Jacqueline
  792. Please Come To Boston s   BAR-added 9/16/14
  793. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone s   BAR 2, 25
  794. Please, Mr. Postman s   BAR
  795. Please Please Me s   BAR 111
  796. Poems, Prayers and Promises s   BAR-added 6/26/14
  797. Poison Ivy
  798. Polka Dots and Moonbeams s   BAR
  799. Polly Von s   BAR
  800. A Prairie Lullaby s   BAR
  801. Pretend s   BAR
  802. Pretty Baby s   BAR 30, 171
  803. Proud Mary s   BAR-added 9/21/14
  804. P.S. I Love You s   BAR-added 9/10/14
  805. Puff, the Magic Dragon G   BAR
  806. Puff, the Magic Dragon F s   BAR
  807. The Puppy Song s   BAR
  808. Put On a Happy Face s   BAR
  809. Puttin' On the Ritz s   BAR 68
  810. Put Your Head On My Shoulder s   BAR-added 10/18/14
  811. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars s
  812. Rags To Riches s   BAR
  813. The Rainbow Connection s   BAR
  814. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head s   BAR 120
  815. Raining In My Heart s   BAR
  816. Reason To Believe s   BAR
  817. (Der) Rebe Elimeylekh s   BAR
  818. Red River Valley * s   BAR
  819. Red Roses For a Blue Lady-G s   BAR
  820. Red Roses For a Blue Lady-A s   BAR
  821. Red Sails In The Sunset s   BAR 115
  822. Release Me s   BAR-added 10/15/14
  823. Remember s   BAR
  824. Return To Sender s   BAR
  825. Rhode Island Is Famous For You s   BAR
  826. Rhythm of the Rain s   BAR
  827. Rock Around the Clock
  828. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree s   BAR-added 11/10/13 155
  829. Rockin' Robin s   BAR 28, 45
  830. Rock the Boat s   BAR
  831. Rocky Mountain High s   BAR-added 8/7/14
  832. The Rose s   BAR
  833. Rubber Duckie s 73, 156
  834. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer C
  835. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer F
  836. Runaround Sue s   BAR
  837. Runaway s   BAR
  838. Run For Your Life s   BAR 43
  839. Sabbath Prayer s   BAR
  840. San Francisco Bay Blues s   BAR
  841. Santa Catalina (26 Miles) s   BAR
  842. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   BAR
  843. Satellite
  844. Satin Doll s   BAR
  845. Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week s   BAR-added 5/10/14
  846. Save the Last Dance For Me s   BAR 40
  847. Save the Last Dance For Me-no key change *   BAR
  848. Say It Isn't So s   BAR
  849. Scotch and Soda s   BAR
  850. Sea Cruise s   BAR
  851. Sealed With a Kiss s   BAR
  852. Sea of Love/Devil Or Angel s   BAR
  853. Secret Love s
  854. See You In September s   BAR
  855. Sentimental Journey s   BAR
  856. September In the Rain s   BAR
  857. September Song s
  858. The Shadow Of Your Smile s   BAR
  859. She s   BAR
  860. Sheila s   BAR-added 10/3/14 173
  861. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain G * s
  862. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain F *   BAR
  863. Shenandoah s   BAR
  864. She's Always a Woman s   BAR
  865. Sheyn Vi Di Levone s   BAR
  866. Shine On Harvest Moon   BAR 8
  867. Shine On Your Shoes s
  868. Shop Around s   BAR
  869. Shower the People s   BAR
  870. Shuffle Off To Buffalo s   BAR
  871. Side By Side * s   BAR 49
  872. Sidewalks of New York s   BAR
  873. Silent Night * s   BAR
  874. Silhouettes s   BAR
  875. Silver Bells * s   BAR
  876. Since I Don't Have You s   BAR
  877. Since I Fell For You s   BAR
  878. Sing Hallelujah s   BAR
  879. Singing the Blues s   BAR 46, 56
  880. Singin' In the Rain s   BAR-added 4/1/14 169
  881. Single Saddle s   BAR
  882. Sioux City Sue s   BAR
  883. Sir Duke s   BAR
  884. Sisters-Bb s   BAR
  885. Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay s   BAR
  886. Sixteen Going On Seventeen s   BAR 99
  887. Sixteen Tons s   BAR
  888. Skinnamarinkydinkydink s   BAR 38
  889. Skip To My Lou * s   BAR
  890. Sloop John B s   BAR
  891. Slow Poke s   BAR-added 10/9/14
  892. Smile s   BAR 82,147
  893. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes s   BAR
  894. Snowbird s   BAR
  895. So In Love s   BAR
  896. So In Love-Dm s   BAR 151
  897. Somebody Loves Me s   BAR 109, (also fits with 14, 53)
  898. Someday Soon s   BAR-added 7/28/14
  899. Some Fun Out of Life s   BAR 101, 103
  900. Some of These Days s   BAR 125
  901. Someone To Watch Over Me s   BAR
  902. Something's Gotta Give s   BAR
  903. Sometimes I'm Happy s   BAR 39
  904. Somewhere Along the Way s   BAR
  905. So Much In Love s   BAR-added 4/20/14
  906. Sonny Boy s   BAR-added 6/30/14
  907. Soon It's Gonna Rain s   BAR
  908. Spanish Harlem s   BAR-added 5/8/14
  909. Spanish Is the Loving Tongue s   BAR
  910. S'posin' s   BAR
  911. Spread a Little Happiness s   BAR
  912. Stardust s   BAR
  913. Stars Fell On Alabama s   BAR 103
  914. Star Spangled Banner
  915. Stewball s   BAR
  916. Stompin' At The Savoy s   BAR 59
  917. Stormy s   BAR
  918. Stormy Weather s   BAR
  919. The Story of a Starry Night s   BAR 131, 135
  920. The Story of a Starry Night Medley (4 songs)
  921. Straighten Up and Fly Right s   BAR
  922. Stranger In Paradise s   BAR
  923. Strangers In the Night s   BAR
  924. Stumbling s   BAR
  925. Subway Song (Tom Lehrer) s   BAR-added 5/11/14
  926. Sugartime s   BAR
  927. Summer Samba (So Nice) s   BAR 63, 144
  928. Summertime s   BAR-added 6/23/14
  929. The Summer Wind s   BAR
  930. The Summer Wind-with key change   BAR
  931. Sunday Kind of Love s
  932. Sunday Morning Sunshine s   BAR
  933. Sunny Skies s   BAR-added 8/31/14
  934. Sunrise, Sunset s
  935. Sunrise, Sunset-Dm s   BAR
  936. Swanee s   BAR-added 5/22/14
  937. Sway s   BAR 85
  938. Sweet Baby James s
  939. Sweet Baby James-C s   BAR
  940. Sweet Betsy From Pike *
  941. Sweet Caroline s   BAR
  942. Sweet Georgia Brown C   BAR
  943. Sweet Georgia Brown F s   BAR 125
  944. Sweet Georgia Brown-Practice dom7sus4
  945. Sweet Happy Life s   BAR
  946. Sweet Lorraine s   BAR
  947. Swinging On a Star-G s   BAR 77
  948. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-C* s   BAR
  949. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-F* s   BAR    "
  950. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-G* s   BAR    "
  951. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-D* s   BAR    "
  952. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-A* s   BAR    "
  953. S'Wonderful swith daughters Sylvie and Jacqueline
  954. Take Good Care Of My Baby s   BAR
  955. Take Me Home, Country Roads s   BAR
  956. Take Me Out to the Ball Game s   BAR 31
  957. Take the "A" Train s   BAR
  958. Taking a Chance On Love s   BAR
  959. A Taste Of Honey s   BAR
  960. Teach Me Tonight s   BAR
  961. Tea For Two s   BAR
  962. Tears On My Pillow s   BAR 136
  963. The Teddy Bears' Picnic s   BAR
  964. Teenager In Love s   BAR
  965. Teen Angel s   BAR
  966. Tell Old Bill s   BAR
  967. Tenderly s
  968. Tennessee Waltz s   BAR 48
  969. That'll Be the Day s   BAR 127
  970. That Lonesome Road s   BAR
  971. That Old Black Magic s   BAR
  972. That Old Feeling s   BAR
  973. That's All s   BAR
  974. That's Amore s   BAR 41
  975. That's An Irish Lullaby * s   BAR 31
  976. That's My Home s   BAR
  977. That's the Way It's Gonna Be s   BAR-with Jacqueline and Sylvie
  978. That's What Friends Are For s   BAR-added 8/20/14
  979. That's What You Get For Lovin' Me s   BAR
  980. That Was the Last Thing On My Mind s   BAR
  981. There Is a Tavern in the Town * s   BAR
  982. There'll Be Some Changes Made s 17, 105, 167
  983. There's a Kind of Hush s   BAR
  984. There's Always Something There To Remind Me s   BAR
  985. There's No Business Like Show Business s   BAR 137
  986. There Will Never Be Another You s   BAR 92
  987. These Foolish Things s
  988. They All Laughed s   BAR-added 11/30/13
  989. They Call the Wind Mariah s   BAR
  990. They Can't Take That Away From Me s   BAR
  991. They Say It's Wonderful s   BAR-added 4/25/14
  992. The Thing
  993. Things We Said Today-Dm s   BAR 22
  994. Things We Said Today-Em   BAR
  995. This Can't Be Love s   BAR
  996. This Could Be the Start of Something Big s   BAR
  997. This Diamond Ring s   BAR
  998. This Land Is Your Land * s
  999. This Magic Moment s   BAR
  1000. This Masquerade s   BAR
  1001. This Ole House s   BAR
  1002. Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer   BAR
  1003. Those Were The Days s   BAR
  1004. The Three Bells (Jimmy Brown) s   BAR
  1005. Three Coins In the Fountain s   BAR
  1006. Three Little Birds s   BAR-added 5/4/14 168
  1007. Three Little Words s   BAR 33
  1008. Ticket To Ride s   BAR 111
  1009. Tie a Yellow Ribbon s   BAR
  1010. Tijuana Jail s   BAR
  1011. 'Til I Kissed Ya s   BAR-added 5/5/14
  1012. 'Til There Was You s   BAR-my daughter Sylvie on flute
  1013. Time After Time s   BAR
  1014. Tiny Bubbles * s   BAR 32
  1015. Tiptoe Through The Tulips s   BAR 5, 73, 76
  1016. Today While the Blossoms Still Cling to the Vine s   BAR
  1017. Together Wherever We Go s   BAR
  1018. Tonight You Belong To Me s   BAR-Sylvie and I
  1019. Too Close For Comfort s   BAR
  1020. Too Marvelous s 14, 53, 118
  1021. Too Much s   BAR 93
  1022. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye s   BAR
  1023. Too Young/Mona Lisa s   BAR 166
  1024. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails s   BAR
  1025. Top Of the World s   BAR
  1026. Traces s   BAR 143
  1027. Travelin' Man s   BAR 146
  1028. Try a Little Tenderness s   BAR
  1029. Try To Remember s   BAR
  1030. Tumbalalaika s   BAR
  1031. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds s   BAR
  1032. Turn Around s   BAR-added 8/15/14
  1033. Turn, Turn, Turn s   BAR
  1034. Twenty-four Hours From Tulsa s   BAR-added 7/20/14
  1035. Twilight Time s   BAR 20
  1036. 2:19 Blues s   BARwith Sylvie
  1037. Two For the Road s   BAR
  1038. Uker's Lament s
  1039. Undecided s   BAR 65
  1040. Under the Boardwalk s   BAR 40, 146
  1041. Under Paris Skies s   BAR
  1042. Unforgettable s   BAR-added 9/18/14
  1043. Until You Come Back To Me s   BAR-added 9/7/14
  1044. Up On The Roof C
  1045. Up On The Roof D
  1046. Vaya Con Dios s   BAR 42
  1047. Venus s   BAR 72, 75
  1048. The Very Thought Of You s   BAR
  1049. Vive La Compagnie s   BAR-added 9/7/14
  1050. Waitin' For the Train to Come In s   BAR 141
  1051. Waiting At the End of the Road s   BAR-added 10/16/14
  1052. Wake Up, Little Susie s   BAR
  1053. Walkin' My Baby Back Home s
  1054. Walk On By s   BAR
  1055. Walk Right In-G/The Letter s   BAR 34
  1056. The Wanderer s   BAR 140
  1057. Watching the River Run-D s   BAR
  1058. Watching the River Run-C s   BAR
  1059. Watch What Happens-Eb s
  1060. Watch What Happens-F s 53, 74, 144
  1061. The Water Is Wide-D   BAR
  1062. The Water Is Wide-with key change s   BAR
  1063. Wave-F s   BAR
  1064. Wave-D s   BAR
  1065. Wayfaring Stranger s   BAR
  1066. The Wayward Wind s   BAR
  1067. The Way You Do the Things You Do s   BAR
  1068. The Way You Look Tonight s   BAR
  1069. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck s   BAR
  1070. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye s   BAR-added 2/7/14
  1071. Welcome Back s   BAR
  1072. We'll Meet Again s   BAR 51
  1073. We're In the Money s   BAR
  1074. We've Only Just Begun s   BAR
  1075. We Wish You a Merry Christmas   BAR
  1076. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve s   BAR-added 11/24/13
  1077. What a Wonderful World s   BAR 161
  1078. What a Wonderful World (Sam Cooke version) s   BAR 37, 112
  1079. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry s   BAR
  1080. Whatever Lola Wants s   BAR 142
  1081. What Is This Thing Called Love s   BAR
  1082. What Kind of Fool Am I s   BAR-added 7/15/14
  1083. What Kind of Fool Am I-no key change s   BAR-added 7/15/14
  1084. What'll I Do s   BAR
  1085. Whatshername s   BAR
  1086. What's It All About, Alfie? s   BAR
  1087. What's That I Hear s   BAR
  1088. What's Your Name s   BAR
  1089. What the World Needs Now s   BAR
  1090. When I Fall In Love s   BAR
  1091. When I Get Home s   BAR 116
  1092. When I'm Sixty-Four s   BAR
  1093. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling G & A   BAR
  1094. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/My Wild Irish Rose s   BAR 7
  1095. When I Take My Sugar To Tea s   BAR
  1096. When Johnny Comes Marching Home s   BAR
  1097. When Johnny Comes Marching Home-no key change   BAR
  1098. When Shadows Fall s   BAR 100
  1099. When Sunny Gets Blue s   BAR
  1100. When the Red, Red Robin Goes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along * s   BAR 108, 117
  1101. When the Saints Go Marching In *   BAR
  1102. When the Saints Go Marching In-A * s   BAR-added 10/14/14
  1103. When Will I Be Loved s   BAR 140
  1104. When You're Smiling s   BAR 82
  1105. When You're Smiling (with verses) s 82
  1106. When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver s   BAR
  1107. When Your Lover Has Gone s
  1108. When You Wore a Tulip s   BAR
  1109. Where Does It Get You In the End? s   BAR 77
  1110. Where Have All the Flowers Gone s   BAR-added 1/28/14
  1111. Where Is Your Heart s   BAR
  1112. Where Or When s   BAR
  1113. While Strolling Through the Park One Day s   BAR
  1114. White Christmas s   BAR 11
  1115. White Sandy Beach s   BAR
  1116. Whispering s   BAR 2, 25, 71
  1117. Who Can I Turn To s   BAR
  1118. Who Put the Bomp s   BAR
  1119. Who Put the Bomp-no key change   BAR
  1120. Who's Sorry Now G s 49,138
  1121. Who's Sorry Now-F s   BAR
  1122. Why s   BAR-added 7/25/14
  1123. Why Do Fools Fall In Love F s   BAR 149
  1124. Why Do Fools Fall In Love F with key change to F# s   BAR 149
  1125. Why Do Fools Fall In Love C
  1126. Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Multikey
  1127. Wild Is the Wind s   BAR-added 4/23/14
  1128. The Wild Rover s   BAR
  1129. Willow Weep For Me s
  1130. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow s   BAR 74
  1131. Windmills of Your Mind s   BAR
  1132. Winter Wonderland s   BAR 124
  1133. Wishing (Will Make It So) s   BAR 132
  1134. Witchcraft s 14
  1135. With a Little Help From My Friends s   BAR
  1136. Without a Song s   BAR
  1137. Wonderful Copenhagen s   BAR-added 10/7/14
  1138. Wonderful, Wonderful s   BAR
  1139. Won't You Be My Neighbor s   BAR
  1140. Won't You Be My Neighbor-easier s   BAR
  1141. Workin' My Way Back To You s   BAR-added 6/14/14
  1142. World Without Love s   BAR-added 7/6/14
  1143. Wouldn't It Be Loverly s   BAR
    sung by my daughter Sylvie, Jacqueline and I singing backup (the former group "Pride and Joy and Dad") 19, 99
  1144. Yankee Doodle s   BAR-added 9/6/14 4
  1145. Yankee Doodle Dandy s   BAR 4
  1146. Yellow Bird s   BAR
  1147. Yellow Rose of Texas * s   BAR
  1148. Yellow Submarine   BAR 44
  1149. Yes Sir, That's My Baby * s   BAR 1
  1150. Yesterday s   BAR 88
  1151. Yesterday I Heard the Rain s   BAR-added 8/17/14
  1152. A Yiddishe Mame s   BAR
  1153. Yidl Mitn Fidl s   BAR
  1154. You Always Hurt the One You Love s   BAR 80, 89
  1155. You And The Night And The Music s   BAR-added 7/20/14
  1156. You Are My Destiny s   BAR
  1157. You Are My Sunshine C-slow * s   BAR
  1158. You Are My Sunshine C * s   BAR
  1159. You Are the Sunshine of My Life s   BAR
  1160. You, Baby s   BAR
  1161. You Belong To Me s   BAR 119
  1162. You Can Get It If You Really Want-F s   BAR-added 9/3/14
  1163. You Can't Do That s   BAR
  1164. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice s   BAR
  1165. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me s   BAR
  1166. You Do Something To Me s   BAR
  1167. You Don't Know Me s   BAR
  1168. You Go To My Head s
  1169. You Gotta Have Heart s   BAR-added 5/16/14
  1170. You Made Me Love You s   BAR 84, 148, 157
  1171. You Make Me Feel So Young s   BAR
  1172. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To s   BAR
  1173. You'll Never Know s   BAR
  1174. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby s   BAR 116, 117, 150, 171
  1175. Young At Heart Bb s
  1176. Young At Heart G s   BAR
  1177. You're a Grand Old Flag s   BAR 4
  1178. Your Cheatin' Heart s   BAR 114
  1179. You're Driving Me Crazy s   BAR
  1180. You're Everything I Wanted Love To Be s   BAR
  1181. You're Just In Love s   BAR
  1182. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You F   BAR
  1183. You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You G s
  1184. You're Sixteen s   BAR 56
  1185. You're Still the One-Bill Fischer on sax s   BAR-added 10/14/14
  1186. Your Heart Will Lead You Home s   BAR-added 11/27/13
  1187. Your Song s   BAR-added 1/3/14
  1188. Your Teddy Bear s   BAR
  1189. You Send Me s   BAR 119
  1190. You Send Me-Bb s   BAR
  1191. You Took Advantage Of Me-C s   BAR
  1192. You Took Advantage Of Me-G s   BAR
  1193. You've Got a Friend s   BAR-Sylvie
  1194. You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine s   BAR-added 4/30/14
  1195. You Won't See Me s   BAR
  1196. You, You, You s   BAR
  1197. Zing a Little Zong
  1198. Zing Went the Strings of My Heart * s   BAR
  1199. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah s   BAR
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