2 or 3 hours
Especially for elementary and middle school teachers/music teachers
Limited to 15

Goals of Workshop:
  1. To expose teachers to the joys of playing an all but forgotten musical instrument, which is the easiest to learn for accompanying singing.
  2. To teach these teachers to instruct their students on the ukulele and thus contribute to the new, emerging ukulele movement, and enrich their studentsí lives.
  3. To teach teachers to use the ukulele in their classrooms as a tool for presenting materials of many different subjects.
Workshop Outline:
  1. Ukulele history; waves of popularity in past century; current movement
  2. Demonstration of the instrument's versatility (folk, pop, rock, jazz)
  3. Ukulele collection-ukes through the years
  4. Hands-on workshop:
    • Learn to play in 30 minutes
    • A "snap" for guitarists of any ability
  5. Tools for teaching ukulele:
    • Handouts:
      • Songs-diagrammed
      • Songlists of 2 and 3 chord songs
      • Available instructional books and other resources
    • Ukuleles provided for the workshop


30 or 45 minute presentations for elementary schools

Target audience- individual grade assemblies or entire school assemblies

Material covered:
  1. History of the ukulele, waves of popularity in past century, current movement
  2. Demonstration of ukulele collection
  3. Demonstration of ukulele's versatility (folk, pop, rock, jazz) and singalongs

Dr. Uke (Jim Rosokoff, M.D.)
e-mail: doc@doctoruke.com #1 - Learning Ukulele Top 50 Sites